Early Intervention Resources

  1.  ECTA-Center- Provides national leadership in assisting states with the implementation of high-quality child and family outcome measurements for early intervention
  2. Early Intervention Definition
  3. Early Intervention (Part C of IDEA)- Describes Part C of IDEA. Focuses on early intervention including eligibility and evaluation and assessment.
  4. Parent Center HUB- A resource website that summarizes early intervention information.
  5. Autism Speaks- Describes early intervention for a child born with autism.
  6. First Signs, Inc.- A national non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents and professionals about the early signs of autism and related disorders.
  7. Early Intervention Research Institute– An interdisciplinary organization committed to investigating and improving policies and practices that support the well-being of at-risk children.
  8. Effective Practices in Early Intervention
  9. Finding Early Intervention Resources in your State
  10. Teaching Tools for Challenging Behaviors

Person-Centered Planning Resources

Resources and Templates

Person-Centered Planning Toolkits

Person-Centered Planning PACER Center

Manual for Person-Centered Planning Facilitators

Workbook for Young People with Learning Disabilities

Person-Centered Planning Definition


Various Approaches

Essential Lifestyle Planning

The History of Essential Lifestyle Planning

Essential Lifestyle Planning for Everyone- Michael Smull and Helen Sanderson

Essential Lifestyle Planning Forms- State of Delaware


Recommended Books- Inclusion Press

Person-Centered Planning Relationship Map

MAPS Definition


PATH Definition

Personal Futures Planning

A Brief Guide to Personal Futures Planning 

Personal Futures Planning- PowerPoint

Manual on Using a Personal Futures Planning Model