I am just Stimming.

A Mother’s viewpoint on Stimming

Dac's Mommy

Dac has Tuberous Sclerosis and as part of that

she is Autistic. Autism, can make her have a difficult

sometimes seemingly impossible time with coping with

the real world. In an attempt to combat the stress she self soothes.

Some of her calming techniques also known as

stimming are flapping, rocking and spinning. I swear this

child of mine can spin in circles for an hour and never

ever get dizzy. How does she do that?

Well, i have decided to take legal license with the term


Parents need to stim sometimes too!

My stimming desire comes after a day of getting by on

three hours of sleep.

Stumbling and almost falling flat faced over a toy on the

way to the kitchen. Finding no milk

for cereal. dropping an egg on the floor.

The power goes out for some unknown reason so no shower.

Discovering my bank account is…

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