Sickle Cell Anemia and Special Needs Children

Years ago, I had the privilege of having a young lady in my classroom who had the diagnoses of cerebral palsy and the sickle cell disease, although I had worked many years with people with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities, it would be the first time that I taught someone with an additional chronic illness. Her good days were good, but the bad days were oh so bad. When she was in crisis, she would endure pain in the joints that would last for days.

Cells take on the shape of a sickle which makes it difficult for the red blood cells to flow through the blood vessels thus causing pain in the bones, chest and abdominal.

In recognizing September as National Sickle Cell  Anemia Awareness Month, I have create links that include additional information on the disease.

Sickle Cell  Anemia Medical Sites

These sites include information on  who is at risk, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnoses and treatment.

Kids Health
Mayo Clinic
Medicine Net
NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)


Data and Statistics- includes national statistics, data, and prevalence.

CDC (Center for Disease Control)
Virginia Department of Health



Making Sickle Cell Disease a Manageable Illness (New York Times)
Sickle Cell Disease in Africa (National Health Institute)


Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc.
Foundation for Sickle Cell Research
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

For Teachers

Supporting a student with Sickle Cell Anemia


YouTube Video’s on Sickle Cell Anemia






Yoga and Children with Developmental Disabilities

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month?

Well, in celebrating This month, I have added links and resources on topics relating to yoga and special needs children and adults. I have included links on the benefits of yoga for children with special needs, some really great YouTube video’s, They really help if you are a visual person like myself andlinks to books on the topic.

Benefits of Yoga
The following are links to articles on the benefits of yoga for children with special needs

Yoga generates huge benefits for children with autism

7 benefits of yoga for children with autism

Yoga may help benefit children with autism

Creating inner peace: The benefits of yoga for children with autism spectrum disorder

Yoga provides relaxation benefits to children with autism

Yoga may improve behavior in kids with autism

Beyond breathing- The benefits of yoga on children with ASD

Books on Yoga and Special Needs Children
  1. Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs

2. Asanas for Autism and Special Needs

3.Yoga for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

4. Yoga for the Special Child

5. Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child

6. Ayurveda and Yoga for Asperger’s, Non-Verbal, Learning Disorder

and High- Functioning Autism

YouTube Videos on Yoga for Special Needs Children

YouTube Videos on Yoga and Children with Cerebral Palsy



Facts About Down Syndrome (Infographic)

Speaking With Someone With Cerebral Palsy (Infographic)

CP and speaking

American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Call for Papers

aabs call for papers

19th Annual American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference 

February 1–2, 2016

Call for Papers

We invite submissions for potential presentation at this year’s AABSS conference from a broad range of topics related to the social and behavioral sciences.  Strands may include empirical or theoretical scholarship as well as research methodology evaluation, meta-analyses, critical literature reviews, and topics related to applied practice that are grounded in scholarship.  Where possible, topics will be grouped together for presentation within similar tracks.

Submit a proposal that includes a title, an abstract of not more than 150 words, and a summary that does not exceed more than 600 words.  If the proposal is accepted for presentation, then the title and abstract will be included in the conference program.

Proposal Submission Deadline is November 19, 2015.

For additional information, please click on this link