November Special Needs Article Links

Welcome to the November article Links. These are articles that I have tweeted during the month of November. I tweet articles and links everyday. Please make sure you follow me and I will follow you back!

  1. How to get your child to be more social or interactive with other children-teach2talk
  2. Tips on how to improve the health and happiness of our children on the spectrum-Autism Parenting Magazine
  3. Children who lose autism label subject of new research- Education Week
  4. Party planning and sensory processing disorder-Sensory Seeker
  5. Early childhood inclusive tips-Brooks Publishing Company
  6. Sensory play for children with cerebral palsy- Cerebral Palsy Blog
  7. Divorce rate doesn’t go up as families of children with disabilities grow- University of Wisconsin-Madison News
  8. Cooking with a child with cerebral palsy-Cerebral Palsy Blog
  9. Teaching children with ADD/ADHD-Teacher Vision
  10. 12 things I’ve learned growing up with autism-Kerry Magro
  11. 7 critical areas for arranging your special education classroom-Global Educator Institute
  12. Sesame Street shows how autism should be portrayed- Star-Telegram
  13. 10 ways to improve inclusion at lunch, recess and afterschool- Brooks Publishing Company
  14. Innovative design allows kids with cerebral palsy to enjoy the stoke of surfing– The Inertia
  15. The best mobile apps for sensory impairments- Think Inclusive



Non-Profit of the Month

Special Citizens Futures Unlimited

special citizens logo-nov15

What they do

Special Citizens Futures Unlimited is a non-profit organization that began as a vehicle to advocate for ongoing adult programs for children with autism who had aged out of special education services. The organization’s mission is the promotion and attainment of independence, inclusion, individuality and productivity for adults and children with autism.

How they do it.

Special Citizens Futures Unlimited services includes:

  • Day Habilitation
  • Medicaid Service Coordination
  • Supported Employment
  • Pre-vocational Support
  • Recreation
  • Residential

Learn More

Contact Special Citizens Futures Unlimited at:


Call For Papers- American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS)

Ever thought about taking your career to the next level? well here is your chance. The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) will be holding its 19th annual conference in Las Vegas, NV next year. Deadline for proposal submission is November 19, 2015. All presented papers are eligible for submission to the Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences. (JBSS) For further information, click the link here

October- Special Needs Article Links

Welcome to the September Article Links. These are articles that I have tweeted during the month of September. I tweet articles and links everyday. Please make sure you follow me and I will follow you back!
  1. 30 Pieces of advice for employers working with people with autism- The Mighty
  2. 10 Things to never say to a person with a sensory processing disorder-Lemon Lime Adventures
  3. How to recognize sensory issues in your child- Integrated Learning Strategies
  4. It’s time we dispelled these myths about autism-BBC
  5. Before autism had a name- The Atlantic
  6. IEP Transition Planning: Preparing for young adulthood- Understood
  7. Supermodel Emily Prior hopes to inspire people with disabilities- The Advertiser
  8. The biggest myths about girls with ADHD-Psych Central
  9. What not to say to a child with ADHD- Brain Balance
  10. Autism spectrum disorder and the criminal justice system-RN
  11. Wide Awake: why children with autism struggle with sleep- Spectrum
  12. Why it’s so difficult to diagnose autism in girls-Slate
  13. Why recognizing dyslexia in children at school can be difficult- Mind Shift
  14. 10 facts you should know about autism- Seattle Organic Restaurants
  15. Young adults on the spectrum learn ins and outs of socialization- Disability Scoop