The Self Care 12-week Challenge (Week 2)


Week 2 Challenge-Silence

“The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear.”- Ram Dass

It is so easy to wake up I the morning and think about all of the things that you must do even before the day gets started. When we first wake up in the morning with so much chatter going on inside of our heads, we often cause additional stress to mind, spirit and body.

I’ll admit it this challenge is indeed a challenge, I use to go to bed running through the to-do list in my head and wake up running to make it happen. I have learned over the years that allowing yourself to wake up calm and peaceful for a few moments has some advantages including, calming your mind and relaxing your body not to mention that you will develop a deeper sense of peace and direction which will determine the type of day that you will have.

When silence becomes part of your morning  ritual, you will develop the ability to focus better and to allow your creativity to seep in.

There are three ways to wake up in experience silence:

  1. prayer
  2. meditation
  3. breathing

When you first begin this exercise, it will be a little bit challenging, It is very difficult to just to sit in silence and not think about what the day will bring or what happened the day before. Below you will find some great resources on breathing exercise and meditation. Prayers are also useful and calming.

Breathing Exercises

  1. Three Breathing Exercises- Dr. Weil
  2. 6 Breathing Exercises
  3. Stress Management: Breathing Exercises
  4. 6 breathing exercises to relax in 10 minutes
  5. Take a deep breath-The American Institute of Stress
  6. 5 simple breathing exercises to lower your stress levels
  7. Pranayama Exercises and Poses
  8. 7 breathing exercises to help you reduce stress (Infographic)
  9. Mindfulness of breath
  10. Breathing techniques for greater health and fitness

Meditation Resources

  1. How to meditate
  2. Meditation for beginners
  3. Neurobiological changes explain how mindfulness meditation improves health (Science Daily)
  4. Easy Meditation
  5. 7 ways meditation can actually change the brain
  6. How to meditate



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