June Monthly Article Links


Welcome to the June article links and resources. These are articles that I tweeted and received during the month of June on special needs and developmental disability topics.

10 ways to help autistic children and adults  (The Art of Autism)

20 things I have learned since my son was diagnosed with autism (Huffington Post)

Autistic people are not failed versions of “normal.” They are different, not less (Ideas.TED.com)

Benefits of therapy dogs for autistic children (dogville.com)

Differences between tantrums and sensory meltdowns (Understood)

Exercise can help adults better cope with ADHD symptoms (Science Daily)

Girls with ADHD: How it’s missed (ADDitude)

How a dip in a pool can help open up a new world for children with autism (The Journal.ie)

How well does early intervention work for children with autism? (verywell.com)

Man with Cerebral Palsy goes surfing (New York Daily News)

Raising a daughter with Down syndrome makes me dream of a more inclusive society (Huffington Post)

Resources scarce for adults with autism (The Gazette)

Robot designed to help children with autism (Fast Company. Coexists)

Teen with Down syndrome becomes a police officer for a day (CTV News)

Teen with Down syndrome launches her own dog treat business (TMJ4)

Treating ADHD without medication (ADDitude)

Using poetry to give young adults with disabilities a voice (Washington Post)

What sensory processing disorder has to say about autism (Spectrum)

What it’s like to have ADHD (The Wireless)

Why I’m teaching my child with autism how to swim (Autism Speaks)

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American Sign Language Resources


Fact: American Sign language is similar to French Sign Language.  Although American and Britain’s written language is the same. The sign  language is remarkably different.
Sign Language Timeline

1760- Father Charles-Michel De L’Eppe started a deaf school in France.

1771- First free public school for the deaf was established by Charles-Michel de L’Eppe

1864- President Abraham Lincoln signed a law establishing the National Deaf Mute College in Washington, D.C

1871- The American School for the Deaf was founded by Laurent Clerc, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Mason Cogswell in Hartford, Connecticut

1880- Educators in Milan, Italy passed a resolution banning sign language in schools.

1880- Deaf people began to fight for their language thus establishing the National Association of the Deaf

1893- Agatha Tiel Hanson was he first deaf woman to graduate from Gallaudet with a four-year degree.

1894- The football huddle was invented by Gallaudet University football team to keep their opponents from eavesdropping on the quarterback in American Sign Language.

1972- The first text on teaching ASL was published

Youtube American Sign Language

Baby Sign Language Resources

Baby Sign Language.com

Baby Sign Language: 21 words to sign and know

Teach your baby sign language

Top ten starter signs


14 Great Community Forums on Autism

autism community board

Imagine being able to find and locate information on autism from people who really understand.
Community boards are a great way not only to locate information on autism but to connect with other families and professionals on the topic of autism. Community boards allow members to share tips, resources and information. Below, are 14 community forms for both  parents and professionals:

ASD Friendly

This forum was established in 2003 as a means to bring parents and caregivers together to share tips, vent and shared experience. Sub-forums also include pre-diagnosis and non-autism spectrum issues.

Animating the Autism Community

Founded by Gary Jesch, the goal of Autism Animated is to create a community that connects people on the topic of autism besides the forum discussion, the site include news, articles, shared blogs and RSS feed related to autism topics.

Aspergers and ASD UK Online Forum

An online forum from the UK has a number of sub-forums including a general discussion, education help and advice and resources.

Aspies Central

A forum created to discuss Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and High Functioning  Autism. Aspies Central contains discussion boards which include topics on PPD-NOS, social anxiety, and books on autism. The site also includes specific autism spectrum discussions including obsessions and social skills.

Autinet Forum

Autinet Forum is an electronic list which discusses all aspects of autism and developmental disorders but focuses primary on High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Autism Community

Autism Community is a website that provides resources and information to help individuals with autism, family members, teachers and other professionals locate information. The site includes a forum section which is a great resource for anyone interested on the topic of autism.


A website for parents and caregivers interested in topics relating to autism, PDD-NOS and Aspergers Syndrome. The website includes a moderated discussion board on topics relating to getting a diagnosis, educational help and autism book reviews.

Helpful Chat

A website that hosts chat rooms in the area of mental health. The site offers a webpage for individuals on the spectrum with peer support. The site includes an autism spectrum disorder chat room, forum and social network.

MD Junction- Autism Support Group

A community of family members and friends dedicated to dealing with autism. The site includes a discussion board and questions. Other groups includes topics on ASD families, Aspergers Challenged, and ADHD.

My Autism Team

A social network for parents of children diagnosed with autism. The site includes an activity page which allows members to post updates, an Q &A and locating provider services.

The National Autistic Society

The National Autism Society is located in the U.K. and provides information and support for families and professionals on topics surrounding autism. The site offers a community page. The goal of the community page is to help people on the autism spectrum, caregivers, relatives and professionals to share their thoughts and experience. The discussion forum requires registration with the  website and setting up a community profile.

Shared Abilities

A community for sharing information about special needs. The site includes information on various types of disabilities, provider locator, local news, events and community questions.

Wrong Planet

A Web community designed for individuals (parents and professionals) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDD’s and other neurological differences. The site provides a discussion forum, an article section and a blogging feature.

May Special Needs Article Links


Welcome to the May article links and resources. These are articles that I  tweeted  and received during the month of May on special needs and developmental disability topics. I tweet articles and links everyday.

3 types of autism spectrum disorder explained (Bustle)

6 resources for working with scouts with autism (Scouting Magazine)

8 learning strategies for children with ADHD (Advance Psychology)

17 ways to help students with ADHD concentrate (Edutopia)

30 academic resources on learning ( Informed)

A letter to my child without ADHD (ADDitude Magazine)

Adult ADHD slipping under the radar (The Sidney Morning Herald)

Aging out of sensory storytime: How libraries can provide services for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum (American Libraries)

Autism-friendly Broadway performances allow families to enjoy theatre together (Fox News Health)

Brain signals between seizures may explain memory problems in patients with epilepsy (Medical Press)

Children with ADHD may benefit from following healthy behaviors, new study suggests (Science News)

Effectively teaching mathematics to students with Down syndrome (Teacher)

Flying with autism: 10 smart tips for an enjoyable experience (Cruising with Autism)

High school senior with cerebral palsy breaks barriers in sports world (WBRC)

Mother pens book about raising 1 twin with autism, 1 without (Fox News Health)

Museum of Disability to open exhibit on Down Syndrome (The Buffalo News)

Navigating an online education for students with disabilities (Online Schools Center)

Not wrong, just different: wisdom for those dealing with ADHD (Huffpost Education)

UK grocery store to offer ‘quiet hours’ for shoppers with autism (Fox News)

Young man with Down syndrome becomes youngest business owner in his town (Eyewitness News)