Mom, Being Separated From Sons With Autism Is Tough During Pandemic

Published by: WABE
Written by: Susanna Capelouto

Judith Steuber of Kennesaw has two sons with autism who live in separate local group homes. They’re in their 30s.

Christopher, the older one, has significant autism. He can read some words and has an aversion to numbers of any kind, Judith said.

“If you ask him how old he is, he’ll say 5, although he is 35, and he’s been saying he’s 5 ever since he’s was 5,” she said.

But Christopher is able to understand what germs are and seems to adjust to the changes the coronavirus pandemic has brought to his routine.

Jeremy, her younger son, has more severe autism, is almost nonverbal and has a hard time with the new norm of living in a pandemic.

Before COVID-19 forced people to “shelter in place,” Judith was able to take her sons home on the weekends.

“But since the pandemic, of course, we’ve not been able to pick them up,” she said.

Jeremy is unable to comprehend what is going on. Click here to read the rest of the story

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Autism center uses modified face mask to better serve kids

Published by: WISH.TV
Written by: Katiera Winfrey

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Wearing a face mask can create some challenges for people who rely on facial expressions to better communicate. Cornerstone Autism Center is modifying their masks in order to help children with autism.

For many of the kids, they wouldn’t be able to get the quality service if the staff wore a traditional face mask. But with a specialized mask with a clear plastic covering around the mouth, they are able to do it.

Kids who attend Cornerstone Autism Center are full of energy and smiles. The only difference is some need to see the hands and faces of others to communicate.

“American Sign Language is made up of head movements and facial expressions that really make up the linguistics structure of American Sign Language. When our faces are blocked it can completely change the meaning of a sign,” said Stephanie Dille-Huggins. Click here to read the rest of the story.

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