5 ADHD Organization Tools That Never Work for Me – and 5 That Do

Published by: ADDitude
Written by: April Jackson

All my life, I’ve had practically everyone – therapists, teachers, coworkers, family – try to force on me a variety of tools and techniques to make my life with ADHD a little easier. The truth? Most of their solutions have never worked for me.

One unspoken burden of ADHD is trying to explain to others — ADHD or not — why I still struggle even after trying their, forgive me, useless tools. If it works for me, it’ll work on you.

Given ADHD’s wide-ranging symptoms, not to mention our individual strengths and weaknesses, it makes sense that one person’s treasured tools and strategies are another person’s trash.

Here are some of the organizational tools that I was forced to use over and over again to no avail, and other ones that actually helped – a lot! Click here to read the rest of the story


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