August Special Needs Resource Article Links

Welcome to the August Article Links. These are articles that I have tweeted during the month of August. I tweet articles and links everyday. Please make sure you follow me and I will follow you back!
  1. 10 Truths About Making Friends When You have Autism. The Mighty
  2. CDC: 1 in 5 American Adults Live With a Disability. USA Today
  3. Rising Autism Prevalence Driven by Changes in Classifications. Medical News Today
  4. Autism and Epilepsy, More Consequences for Girls. Welfare Society Territory
  5. Kids With Autism Can Read Emotions Through Body Language. Smithsonian.Com
  6. What Causes Cerebral Palsy? New Research Suggests Genetics Plays a Stronger Role. Medical Daily
  7. The Forgotten History of Autism. TED
  8. New Studies Offer Insights Into Autism/Epilepsy Link. Epilepsy Research
  9. Reducing Back to School Anxiety. Autism Spectrum Therapies Blog
  10. Learning to Manage a Child’s Autism with Limited Communication. Kokomo Tribune
  11. Language and Autism: What Every Social Care Professional Should Know. The Guardian
  12. Model with Down Syndrome Inspired to Change the Beauty Industry. Gemstars
  13. Some Cerebral Palsy Cases caused by Genetics Anomalies, Not Just Brain Injuries- Study. The Hamilton Spectator
  14. 5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload. Mashable
  15. 10 Things Teachers Should Know About down Syndrome. Gillian Marchenko

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