Free Download Autism and Epilepsy Factsheet

A person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is more than likely to have several co-occurring disorders including seizures. Studies show that an severally autistic person tends to  have a higher percentage of seizures.

Epilepsy is more common in autistic people than the general public.

Download the fact sheet here

You can make copies of the factsheet to share with others or as part of a training course you are developing.

Autism Scramble Words Activity Download

This is a fun activity including autism words that can be used for an activity, steps include

  1. print out the template
  2. cut out the words you can also laminate
  3. pass out the words
  4. ask people to work in groups
  5. set a timer and allow people the opportunity to write the correct answers
  6. This can be done  with passing out gifts or rewards

Dyslexia Facts and Statistics Download

The following information is on dyslexia and the states in the United States. Down load here

Cerebral and Secondary Issues

Cerebral and Palsy secondary issues download factsheet