July Special Needs Article Links


Welcome to the July links. These are articles that I tweeted and or received from viewers during the month of July on special needs and developmental disability topics.

4 tips for reducing stress in children with autism (Autism Speaks)

5 reasons I made a film about autism (Autism Speaks)

5 ways autism helped me earn my doctorate degree (Autism Speaks)

5 ways businesses can help those with autism spectrum disorder (Kare + Plus)

10 things ER staffers should know about autism (The Mighty)

Books about children with sensory processing disorder (LaToya Edwards Blog)

How does sensory processing affect communication in kids with autism? (Autism Speaks)

How gardening helped my autistic son to blossom (The Guardian)

Making sense out of sensory integration (The Sensory Spectrum)

Man with Down syndrome fulfills dream of graduating from Clemson (10tv.com)

Researchers at Vanderbilt helping teens with autism learn how to drive (Fox 6 News)

Sensory Processing Disorder and summer (Brain Balance)

Teaching safety skills to children with autism (Out Crazy Adventures in Autismland)

This nonspeaking teenager wrote an incredibly profound letter explaining autism (Sydney Morning Herald)

What a meltdown feels like for an autistic person (Autisticate Dalmayne)

What is autism in plain language (Autism Academic Blog)

What will happen to adult children with autism? (Next Avenue)

When my employer realized I have autism (The Mighty)

Why are we still treating autism like an epidemic? (Wired)

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