December Special Needs Article Links

Welcome to the December article links and resources. These are articles that I  tweeted during the month of December on special needs and developmental disability topics. I tweet articles and links everyday. Please make sure you follow me and I will follow you back!

  1. Teen with autism films bullying using a selfie stick-Metro
  2. Best books about autism– andnextcomesL (Blog)
  3. Parents of special needs children need special care too–
  4. What my son’s dyspraxia taught me about his autism-Huffpost
  5. These start-ups are helping people with autism find work–
  6. Siblings without autism face challenges at school-Spectrum
  7. Common signs of sensory processing disorder-Sensory World
  8. Mall santa goes the extra mile for boy with autism-Autism Speaks
  9. The basic things to know about sensory processing disorder-Therama
  10. Helping kids with ADHD manage screen time-Understood
  11. New statistics about ADHD are scary-Twahod Voice
  12. 10 Inspiring quotes from people with autism-Autism Speaks
  13. 10 ways to support your child with autism through their teens and beyond-Autism Speaks
  14. Why I love knowing I have high-functioning autism– The Telegraph
  15. Cerebral palsy in adults increases risk of asthma, hypertension and arthritis -Bel Marra Health
  16. Do sensory issues look different in teens and adults? – Integrated Learning Strategies
  17. 5 core principles of time management-Coaching Positive Performance
  18. Why kids with executive functioning issues have trouble starting task-Understood
  19. Study: Why males are at a higher risk of autism-NDTV
  20. 10 things medics need to know about your autism-Autism Parenting Magazine
  21. How to help your aspie learn social skills: The 6 P’s to social skills coaching for parents-Autism Parenting Magazine
  22. 4 strategies for accommodating students with dyslexia– Think Inclusive
  23. How to deal with obsessive and repetitive services-Durham Region Autism Services
  24. Why believing in your autistic child’s abilities make all the difference-HuffPost
  25. Genetic abnormality may explain health complications of down syndrome-Medline Plus