The Success Spectrum: Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Published by: Forbes Magazine
Written by: Evan Ramzipoor

A neurodivergent woman in tech, Whiting has written numerous pieces and given myriad talks on neurodiversity in the workplace. In an interview with ServiceNow, she shared her perspective on hiring and retaining neurodivergent talent, the power of neurodiversity in cybersecurity, and what neurotypical people often get wrong in their efforts diversify the workplace.

How did you get started in cybersecurity?

I’m a natural researcher and a reflective thinker who came from a poorer socioeconomic background: six of us in a three bedroom house. Because of that, I always wanted to be the best version of me possible. I think that’s why I’ve ended up with such a broad range of careers.

At one stage, I was an award-winning jewelry designer who owned multiple jewelry stores and served as the chair of a jewelry guild. At another stage, I collaborated with a group of women on a book called Extraordinary Women, which became an Amazon bestseller. Around the same time, my ex-husband and I separated, and I quit the jewelry business.

I came back to my hometown, where a friend introduced me to Ian, Titania’s founder. He’s very much an innovator, whereas I’m a natural researcher and strategist. I joined the company, became the “Roy Disney” to his “Walt” and we later married. The company let me focus on my passions, one of which is inclusion. This led to an invitation that changed my life. Click here to read the rest of the story.

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