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Adult Learners

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners

9 Things to Consider When Starting to Work With Adult Learners

17 Tips To Motivate Adult Learners

The Adult Learning Theory – Andragogy – of Malcolm Knowles

Breaking the Code: What Motivates Adult Learners?

Characteristics of adult learners

How To Adapt Your Training To The Characteristics Of Adult Learners


Blooms Taxonomy

Alternatives to Bloom’s Taxonomy for Workplace Learning

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Domain

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains

Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy


Using Bloom’s Taxonomy for Effective Learning

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?

What Is Bloom’s Taxonomy? A Definition For Teachers

Disability Awareness
Lesson Plans

6 autism awareness activities for kids– suggested activities from the Family Education Website.

Disability Awareness: created by Learning to Give, provides service-learning project ideas related to disability awareness.

Disability Awareness Activities– a lesson plan through This site shows a sample of the lesson plan. In order to unlock the full course, you will be required to become a member by creating an account.

Disability Awareness Activities for Students of all Ages– a two-page handout developed by the PACER Center with a list of suggested activities teachers can use in the classroom

Disability Awareness: 10 things parents should teach their kids about disabilities- written by HuffPost. The article provides useful teaching information on motor disabilities.

Disability Awareness Class Activity Lesson Plans– provides various lesson plans and teaching activities on Autism, Communication Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and General Disabilities

Disability Awareness Activity Packet– created by DVUSD Special Education, a printable download that provides activities and resources for teaching students about disabilities including role-playing activities.

Hosting a Disability Awareness Day– from Blogger, My Special Learners

Themed and Disability Education activities for children and adults created by the Indiana Governor’s Council for people with Disabilities. Provides discussion guides, speaker ideas and activities.

Tips for Disability Awareness– website provides information on the use of appropriate disability terms and ways to interact with a person with a disability.

Understanding Disabilities– a lesson plan from the Special Olympics organization. The lesson plan focuses on understanding perceptions of disabilities and how they affect people’s attitudes and beliefs.

Understanding Disabilities- from the Teaching Tolerance Organization, provides a lesson plan on helping students increase knowledge about people with disabilities and explore ways to communicate with people with disabilities.

Disability History

Disability History and Awareness: A Resource Guide

Disability Rights History


The Disability Rights Movement

Sensitivity Training

Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training– Richmond Centre for Disability

Disability Sensitivity Guide– National Disability Institute

Disability Statistics

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Disability

Down Syndrome


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Spinal Cord Injuries

Williams Syndrome

Facilitation/ Presentation

10 tips for better presentation and facilitation

The difference between training, facilitating and presenting

Essential facilitation skills for an effective facilitation 

Effective public speaking, presenting and facilitation 

What is facilitation?

Learning Theories

15 learning theories in education

Five educational learning theories

Four top learning theories in the digital age

Learning Theory Overview

Learning theories: Understanding 4 major ones for the classroom

Overview of Learning Theories

Six learning theories for mobile learners

Teaching and Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Theories

Types of Learning Theories

Instructional Design

A quick guide to four instructional design models

ADDIE: 5 steps to effective training

ADDIE Training Model: What is it and how can you use it?

Dick and Carey Instructional Model

Instructional System Design (ISD) Using the ADDIE System

Kirkpatrick Model: Four levels of learning evaluation

Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction

Tips and resources for instructional designers entering the field

What do instructional designers do?

What is Instructional Design?

Training Games

12 instructor-led training activities for before, during and after training

20 training activities in a simple training model

25 activities for making lecture-based training active

Activities to improve soft skills

Best ice-breakers for meetings and training classes

Developing training activities and materials

Engaging training activities: 5 ways to bring learning to life

Free Training Games

Planning, Conducting and Evaluation Training Activities

Team Building Exercises and Activities