Book Review: My Belly Has Two Buttons: A Tubie Story

Book Review: My Belly has Two Buttons: A Tubie Buttons

Author: Meikele Lee
Illustrator: Rebecca Robertson
Pages: 20

Did you know that according to the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, there are over 300 conditions that require children to receive a nutritional support through tube-feeding which is expected to continue to rise?  The decision to use a feeding tube can be frightening for parents, children and siblings alike. Meikele Lee, author, mom and pediatric feeding disorder advocate, wrote this book  through the eyes  of 2-year-old Nico who takes the reader through his own journey of using a G-tube describes the meaning of NPO (nothing by mouth) and his MIC-KEY. A MIC-KEY button is used to conceal the tube as well as decrease the risk of snagging and removing the G-Tube. Nico explains his day of using a feeding bag. I enjoyed reading this book. The book does a great job in describing the purpose of a  g-tube and would be an appropriate book for children new to using a feeding tube, family members including siblings, extended family member and teachers interested in expanding disability educational programs in the school.

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One thought on “Book Review: My Belly Has Two Buttons: A Tubie Story

  1. for the first time tonight I cried while reading Aribella a book and it is not because I am pregnant and hormonal. She has been really upset about her “tubie” even to the point that she has tried to pull it out. So I looked for something to make her think she was special again. I was on Amazon and found this book called “My belly has two buttons” it came today and as I am reading it to her she was so excited. She was smiling and she was so happy that the book has a little boy with a tubie just like her. She has seen other kids with feeding tubes but this is the first time that a book has been about a tubie and stuff that she can relate to. Made me cry and extremely happy to see. Love my strong little super tubie <3

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