World Braille Day

Date: January 4, 2022

World Braille day is an international day sponsored by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of braille and to celebrate the birthday of Louis Braille, the creator of the braille writing system.

The first World Braille day was celebrated on January 4, 2019. The proclamation was signed November, 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809 near Paris, France while playing with his father’s tools at the age of 3, he lost his sight and at the age of 10, was sent to the Royal Institute for Blind Youth. Inspired by Charles Barbier night reading system at the age 15, Louis invented the braille system which became more widely used in 1854. The braille system was quickly adopted by other schools in France and would eventually be used worldwide.


You can find out more information on the Path to Literacy website: January 4th is World Braille Day | Paths to Literacy

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