15 Teaching Strategy Resources for Students With Hearing Impairments


Accommodations for students with hearing loss

Five tips for teachers of students with hearing impairments

How to teach hearing impaired students: Strategies for success

Inclusive teaching: deaf and hearing impaired

Instructional strategies for students who are deaf or hard of hearing

Modern teaching techniques for deaf and hard of hearing students

Strategies for hearing impaired students

Suggested teaching strategies

Teaching a child with hearing loss

Teaching hearing impaired children

Teaching strategies for deaf and hearing impaired

Teaching strategies for hearing impaired students

Tips for teachers

Tips for teaching a preschooler with hearing loss

Visual teaching strategies for students who are deaf or hard of hearing


American Sign Language Resources


Fact: American Sign language is similar to French Sign Language.  Although American and Britain’s written language is the same. The sign  language is remarkably different.
Sign Language Timeline

1760- Father Charles-Michel De L’Eppe started a deaf school in France.

1771- First free public school for the deaf was established by Charles-Michel de L’Eppe

1864- President Abraham Lincoln signed a law establishing the National Deaf Mute College in Washington, D.C

1871- The American School for the Deaf was founded by Laurent Clerc, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Mason Cogswell in Hartford, Connecticut

1880- Educators in Milan, Italy passed a resolution banning sign language in schools.

1880- Deaf people began to fight for their language thus establishing the National Association of the Deaf

1893- Agatha Tiel Hanson was he first deaf woman to graduate from Gallaudet with a four-year degree.

1894- The football huddle was invented by Gallaudet University football team to keep their opponents from eavesdropping on the quarterback in American Sign Language.

1972- The first text on teaching ASL was published

Youtube American Sign Language

Baby Sign Language Resources

Baby Sign Language.com

Baby Sign Language: 21 words to sign and know

Teach your baby sign language

Top ten starter signs