Home Schooling Your Special Needs Child

Since the early 1900’s, home schooling children in the United States has continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Many parents have decided to educate their children at home for many reasons including protecting their children from bullies, concerned with the academic instruction, the ability to give their special needs child one on one attention and having control over their child’s education.


Currently, 5% of children being home schooled have special needs. The are a number of resources available to provide parents with support:

Homeschooling a Struggling Learner– provides regulations for each state. The rules vary for each state. A few States require that local officials are notified on the intend of home schooling your child, while other may require assessment test.

The following sites provide law information:

Assessment and Intervention

Home School Notification Quick Facts

Homeschool Options

Instruction Time and Subject Requirements

Parent Qualifications Quick Facts

Record Keeping

Special Needs

The following are articles on home school and special needs

Homeschooling Special Needs

Special needs child thrives by homeschooling


HSLDA– Non-profit advocacy organization established to defend the right of parents.




Special Needs Expo


If you are in the New Jersey area, The Special Needs Expos will be hosting an event in New Jersey on September 18th, 2016 from 11:00am to 4:00pm. The expo will be held at Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe.

The free event is geared towards delivering information to parents, caregivers, professionals and children. Resources and information include special needs schools, camps, recreational sports, respite programs and social service groups. Additional exhibitors include non-profit organizations, special needs trust information and non-traditional therapist.

For further information, click here

10 Speech Therapy Blogs You Should Be Reading

Speech therapy is a key component in the life of a child with a disability. When it comes to speech therapy, there are so many blogs that provide an abundance of resources for other speech therapist, teachers and parents. Finding the right ones however can be a challenge.


The following blogs provide tons of information, resources and tips on speech language topics. Here are 10 speech therapy blogs worth checking out (in no particular order).

Beautiful Speech Life– Creates and develops therapy materials for fellow SLP’s and teachers. This website provides freebies, language materials and quick therapy tips.

Nicole Allison Speech Peeps– This website offers speech language resources on a variety of topics and an evidence-based intervention series.

PediaStaff– A resourceful blog providing informative news information and article blogs from speech language websites.

Simply Speech– A site with freebies and great blog ideas and activities

Speech 2 U- Provides resources, freebies and therapy topics on communication, social language, social language, organization, plus more!

Speechy Musing– Provides speech therapy resources on a variety of topics. Age range includes, birth to 3, elementary school and middle school on the subject of articulation, language and AAC; The site also includes a blog for fellow speech therapist.

Sublime Speech– Provides therapy to children with severe and profound disabilities. Website includes information on apps, articulation, language, materials and social skills

Teach Speech 365. Includes freebies, giveaways and therapy topics.

The Dabbling Speechie– A website for speech and language pathologist and parents offering a variety of resources on articulation, language and social skills.

The Speech Room News– Specializing in pediatric speech and language therapy, Jenna’s site provides resources for speech language pathologists and educators. The website includes free resources, and treatment topics on articulation, social language, preschool and more.


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Dyspraxia Resources


October is Dyspraxia Month. Developmental Dyspraxia also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) , is a neurological disorder that affects fine and gross motor skills and organization. A child may have difficulty in sing scissors, riding a bike or learning and recalling information.



Medical Sites- The following sites include information on causes, treatment, test and diagnoses of Dyspraxia:

Medical News Today
NCBI Resources


Dyspraxia Foundation, UK
Dyspraxia Foundation, USA


YouTube Videos

Resources on Creating a Handbook for Parents

Creating a parent handbook serves the purpose of not only communicating the policies and goals for your school but also building a supportive relationship with families. Handbooks should include the following information:

  • An overview about your preschool
  • Calendar
  • Philosophy and curriculum
  • Communication, including emails, telephones, newsletters, etc.
  • Arrival and departure policies
  • School closing and inclement weather
  • Rest-time
  • Toys from home
  • Clothing
  • Toileting
  • Healthcare policy
  • Medication policy
  • Emergency pick-up
  • Late pick-up policy
  • IEP’s
  • Field trips and walks

Below are links on how to create a preschool handbook for parents

A Spoonful of Learning
 All Things Childcare
Childcare Central
PTO Today
Small Business Chron

Teaching Phone Number Skills Resources

Lasting Thumbprints- 8 ways to teach children their address and phone numbers
Spell Out Loud- Free Printable
Tiny Oranges- An easy way to teach kids their telephone number


Lesson Plans

Busy Teacher- 44 Free Telephone Worksheets
DLTK- Telephone Practice
ESL Kidstuff

Infographic: Anatomy of a Special Needs Child

Anatomy of a Special Needs Child Infographic
Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Intellectual Disability Resources

intellectual disabilty

An intellectual disability is defined as significant limitations in a person’s cognitive and emotional development. For additional information. click on the links below:

Medical Sites- includes information on diagnoses, causes, prevalence and characteristics.

Kids Health
Merck Manual
Medline Plus
Psych Central


AAIDD- American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
APDDA- Association of Professionals Developmental Disabilities Administrators
NADD- An Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Heath Needs
The ARC- For People With Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Family Links

Center for Parent Information and Resources
Special Education Guide


Disability Blog
Education Week
Love that Max